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Player Information

Players have a 10% chance of winning a boon at each table they play at (limit one player boon per quarter).  Boons will be allocated by the Online Venture Officers after sessions are submitted by GMs.  Players should not roll for boons at the game table.  Player will be notified if they win a boon and will be able to choose from one of the boons listed below.

PFS Player Boons

#1 - Hang in There: You can be the target of Breath of Life as long as you died within the last 3 rounds, rather than in the last round as typical for this spell. Alternatively, if two PCs at the table possess this boon, they may both cross off this boon to allow one of the PCs at the table to cast breath of life once as a standard action in the next 24 hours; this is a spell-like ability with a caster level equal to the casting PC’s character level.

#2 - Share the Wealth (Companions): As a player, choose one boon earned by one of your characters, and transfer it to another one of your characters. (with some restrictions for companions and level and such.) Alternatively, you can transfer access to a unique intelligent item, which the recipient can now purchase. (with a few stipulations)

#3 - Haven’t I Been Here Before?: Choose one Paizo-published map—such as from the Pathfinder Flip-Mat or Pathfinder Map Pack lines—on which you have successfully concluded an encounter, and write the name of the product on the boon and gain some bonuses to initiative and certain perception checks whenever you play the PC in an adventure where you encounter that same map again.

#4 - Metamagical Access: Gain access to purchase three meta-magic enhanced spell scrolls. (Meta-Magic available: Empower Spell, Enlarge Spell, Extend Spell, Heighten Spell, Maximize Spell, and Widen Spell.)

#5 - Expedition Manager: When rolling your Day Job check at the end of a scenario, you may spend between 2 and 6 Prestige Points to pay for supplies, expenses, and personnel. The next time you roll a Day Job check, the expedition returns with research and relics dependent upon how many Prestige Points you spent. You can acquire any single item of the listed price or less at no cost. [Also - As a free action, you gain a bonus on a Knowledge (arcana, history, planes, or religion) check equal to the number of Prestige Points that you spent. This is a one time use.]

#6 - Against the Grain: Before the end of the adventure, you may declare that you are using this boon in order to receive any boon or different number of Prestige Points that corresponds to your character's decision instead of the group's decision.

SFS Player Boons

#1 - Broad Arc Upgrade (Starship Boon): When this boon is slotted, select one weapon onboard your starship. This weapon gains the broad arc weapon
special property.

#2 - Translator-Bot 3000 (Ally Boon): The Translator-Bot 3000 accompanies you on your mission. The robot takes no active part in the scenario beyond its ability to act as a translator. It understands Common and up to three additional languages.

#3 - Augmented Affiliation (Social Boon; Limited Use): you gain a +2 insight bonus on all skill checks made to influence members of the Augmented (Starfinder Core Rulebook 475). You also treat the item level of all augmentations as 1 lower for the purposes of availability. In addition, you can cross this boon off your Chronicle sheet to reduce the credits cost of one augmentation by 10%.

#4 - Zo! Vidcasting Sponsorship (Social Boon) - A three tier boon:
Tier 1 Package: You trigger an automated social media monitoring subroutine that mails you a Zo!-branded care package that contains 3 mk 1 serums of healing and 3 grenades of your choice with item levels of 4 or less.
Tier 2 Package: Zo!’s third most favorite assistant sends you either a personalized weapon fusion seal (your choice on the seal), with an item level equal to your character level –1 or a cache of 3 identical grenades with an item level of 6 or less.
Tier 3 Package: You receive an autographed weapon or set of armor (your choice) from Zo! with a (somewhat) personalized message. The armor or weapon’s item level cannot exceed your character level (maximum item level 8)