Online Support Program


Q) What credit do GM’s receive for running Emerald Spire?
A) Each section of Emerald Spire counts as one credit for the PFS GM boon.
Q) If everyone in a region reports to one event - how will the OPF know what lodge is running what?
A) The reporting system will ask what “lodge” the session was run in and will break reporting down by region and lodge. Eventually the reporting system will allow for more reporting flexibility to accommodate reporting to various event numbers - but at the start we have to simplify the system.
Q) If the GM boon is started on or before the January 31st, 2020 cutoff date, may I continue to record progress on it past that date?
A) Yes. As long as you have started the boon on or before January 31st, 2020 - you may continue to record credit. You may only have one active boon at a time though - so you cannot start the 2020 boon until you finalize the 2019 boon.
Q) In regard to the expedition manager boon, do you get a single purchase -or- a purchase at each prestige tier, and can you use the boon repeatedly?
A) We do not have a solid ruling to point to, and I don’t want to rob anyone of anything, so we are clarifying how this boons functions.
Q) Can OSP games be ran in languages other than English?
A) Absolutely.
Q) Can I run games at my local store and record GM credit on the OSP GM boon?
A) No - Only Online games qualify for the Online Support Program boons. Contact your local Venture Officers and ask about your regions Regional Support Program for local boons and rewards.
Q) If I complete the GM boon can I start a second GM boon?
A) No - You can only have one GM boon per OSP season.