Online Support Program

GM Information

Reporting Information for GMs:

GMs should use the following event information on chronicle sheets for their qualifying games

ACG: 2019 Online Support Program - ACG [2691827]

PbP: 2019 Online Support Program - PbP [2691826]

VTT: 2019 Online Support Program - VTT [2691825]

Note: ACG OSP is forthcoming from the Organized Play Foundation and that information will be made available as soon as we receive it.

Qualifying games must use the appropriate Online Support Program event name & number so that stats can be recorded and reported to the Organized Play Foundation on a regular basis.  Games not using these event numbers do not count for OSP credit.

Games must be reported to the Online Venture Officers via the OSP reporting form - GMs should not report their games to Paizo as they will be reported via the form for them to the official events.

PFS GM Boon:

There are three tiers for the PFS GM boon that you unlock as you gain more GM credit.

Tier 3 (6 boxes): You gain the aid of Changeling ally to use three times. This boon allows you to add 1d6 to the result of any Bluff, Disguise, Knowledge (arcana), or Perception check. (Alternatively, you can add 1d6 to a saving throws against a curse, poison, or sleep effect, a witch’s hex, or any effect produced by a hag.)

Tier 2 (12 boxes): You get to play a Changeling and the boon functions as a Race Boon.

Tier 1 (24 boxes): You may record another player’s name and organized play number on the boon, make a copy, give the copy to another player and that player can apply that sheet as a race boon to their own PC and play a Changeling as well.

PFS GMs get box credit for the GM boon as follows:

• 1 box for 4 hours of quests, a scenario, or a 16-page module
• 2 boxes for a 32-page module
• 3 boxes for a sanctioned Adventure Path volume (run in any mode)
• 4 boxes for an entire 64-page module

SFS GM Boon:

It takes 12 GM credits to unlock the SFS GM boon, a Manifold Host faction boon sheet.

Manifold Host Boon text:

The Manifold Host grants access to the following boons that can be purchased only by reaching the listed Reputation Tier within that faction: Manifold Host Champion (Tier 0), Field Trainee (Tier 1), First Contact Step-In (Tier 1), Instructor (Tier 1), Manifold Host Recruiter (Tier 1), Living Translator (Tier 2), Skillful Sales (Tier 2), Team Spirit (Tier 2), Manifold Host Exemplar (Tier 3). If a boon purchased from another faction’s boon list indicates a faction name in its description, replace that faction name with the name of your minor faction.

This Chronicle sheet can only be applied to one character. If this Chronicle sheet is applied to a new character, then that character can receive the Manifold Host Campion faction boon as their free starting faction boon.

Manifold Host Champion (Tier 0, Cost: 2 Fame): You’ve declared your allegiance to the Manifold Host and dedicate your missions to furthering the goals of that faction. (Faction Boon).

Manifold Host Recruiter (Tier 1, Cost: 2 Fame): Allow one other player to join the Manifold Host. (Slotless Boon; Limited-Use)

Manifold Host Exemplar (Tier 3, Cost: 8 Fame): You can only purchase this boon if you have filled your personal boon slot with a permanent unique race boon. Once you purchase this boon, you no longer count your Personal boon slot as being filled and can slot appropriate boons into that slot as you receive them. (Slotless Boon; Limited-Use)

SFS GMs get credit for the GM boon as follows:

• 1 credit for 4 hours of quests, a scenario, or a 16-page module
• 2 credits for a 32-page module
• 3 credits for a sanctioned Adventure Path volume (run in any mode)
• 4 credits for an entire 64-page module